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Helpful Hints

  1. Get a professional to design your reticulation system to save water & money.
  2. Water in the early hours of the morning, this will reduce the chance of lawn disease.
  3. To get the recommended 10mm of water, the following sprays should be run for:
    • Standard pop-up sprays -15 minutes
    • All Gear-driven sprinklers depending on the size of the nozzle – 45 minutes
    • Nelson MP Rotators – 60 minutes on average.
  4. Think quality, get results.
  5. Always plan ahead and get you reticulation serviced in the spring.
  6. Change your controller battery every year, this will insure you never lose your program.
  7. When working with pond pumps the bigger the pipe the better the flow.

Controller programing links:-

Hunter X-Core

Rain Bird ESP-Me


Rain Bird ESP-RZX


Rain Dial