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FAQ for Reticulation

It may have dirt in it and my need a clean. Your controller may be putting out constant voltage to that station.

You may have a faulty solenoid coil and will need to be replaced. You may have a wiring issue, or a faulty controller.

Has your pump got prime. Has your bore hole got water. Is the power turned on, or is the power getting to the pump. Do you have a faulty contact (relay)?

Is your controller still working? Have you got any cut reticulation wires? Is your master valve or pump working?

NO but we forward all external work to PEEL SCAPE SOLUTIONS.

FAQ for Ponds

Yes, we dell with the Oase and Clearpond range.

You can treat your pond with a fish friendly chemical or use a UVC light.

Yes, we also sell them with fibre optic lights, we sell them in various sizes.